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David Allen Anderson, was born Jan 4, 1936 in Forks, Wa.; the 3rd of 5 chidren to Nansen Anderson and Grace Buhtz . He was married May 3, 1975 (Same day in both Forks and Iowa) to Klarice Karen Nelson (b. Feb 12, 1945)

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David Allen Anderson Family

Children of David Anderson and Klarice Nelson

Julie Marie Anderson b. May 19, 1976; Forks, Wa.
David Eric Anderson b. May 27, 1977; Forks, Wa.
Jonathan Robert Anderson b. Nov 7, 1979; Forks, Wa.
Peter Isaac Anderson b. May 31, 1981; Forks, Wa.
Amy Elizabeth Anderson b. Feb 25, 1984; Portland, Or.